It's time that Pennsylvania enacted reasonable and responsible anti-tethering legislation.
A study by the Centers for Disease Control, "Which Dogs Bite?", found that chained dogs are 2.8 times more likely to bite. 
The dogs most likely to bite are male, unneutered, and chained.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has also stated "Never tether or chain your dog because this can contribute to aggressive behavior."
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   Welcome to the website of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Tethering.  beagle

The Coalition is dedicated to educating the public and promoting legislation to end the widely tolerated practice of chaining dogs for life, or for extended periods of time.  The Coalition seeks reasonable, responsible and enforceable anti-tethering legislation state-wide.  Continuous tethering is not to be confused with chaining for temporary tasks.

Tethering is cruel to dogs, dangerous to the public, and costly to our communities.  Join the Coalition to help end the cruel practice of tethering in Pennsylvania.

Another legislative session (2013-2014) has passed without any action on either the PA House or Senate anti-tethering bills.  This year, 2015, marks ten years since the first bill was introduced in the House.

When one legislator was approached in 2004 and asked whether it would ever be possible for an anti-tethering bill to pass in PA, his response was "It's a no-brainer."  Well, apparently not.  There have been many unpleasant lessons learned along the way as to how the legislative process works in our state.

In recent years, a number of concessions have been made in the language of the bills.  Efforts have been made to address the concerns of the various stakeholders who are opposed to anti-tethering legislation.  In spite of this there has been no movement.

The fight will continue.  We need to stop the cruel and inhumane practice of chaining 24/7/365.  With the help of like-minded PA residents, someday dogs in our state will not have to face a bleak and punishing existence because of weak and inadequate laws.

To learn about the history of anti-tethering bills in the PA Legislature, visit the Bill History page.

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